The mission of the J.H. Walker Legacy Foundation is to enrich and improve the quality of life for children and teens in the areas of health, education, personal safety, nutrition and food security. We seek to improve the lives of the poor, the disadvantaged and the underserved.

The Foundation invests in strong, well-run organizations that are clear about the results they will achieve and how the results can be measured. If your organization is a newly established 501(c)3 it may not qualify for an invitation to apply for a grant. The Foundation desires to establish a working relationship with the grant receiving organizations and will consider a yearly renewal for established grants.

Guidelines For Applying For A Grant

All grant applicants must be a 501(c)3 non-profit that offers programs for children and teens in the areas of health, education, personal safety, nutrition and food security.

Application for a grant is an open, non-competitive grant process from January through November 30 each year. All grant applications are by invitation only. Inquiries regarding grants are welcome from non-profits seeking information about a grant from the Foundation.

The non-profit must be located in the Southeastern United States.

The majority of the population served, 55% or more, will be U.S. citizens.
The organization must have audited financial statements and a Federal Tax Form 990 available.

The J.H. Walker Legacy Foundation does not fund capital campaigns or building programs, general fundraising drives, endowments, or projects in the final stage. Grants will not be given to political organizations, programs to influence legislation, or to retire a debt.

Salaries are not a primary focus of the Foundation. Grant funds to be used for salaries are considered on a case by case basis. Salaries for employees are limited in time and for designated amounts. The non-profit must show how this position will be funded within 12 months.

Site Visit

We have found that nothing compares to the face-to-face meeting with you at the program site to help us understand the impact of your work. We meet potential grantees to listen and talk with you and allows you to show us what is happening in your program or facility. We are interested in meeting the principal staff members and seeing your program in action. It gives a complete picture of the program(s) that may be funded and helps to develop a rapport that is beneficial in the grant process. A site visit often determines whether or not a grant will be awarded.

Decision Process

Following a site visit, a determination will be made about whether or not an invitation will be extended to apply for a Foundation grant. A letter will be sent informing the organization.

An invitation to apply for a grant may also be accompanied by additional questions to be included with the grant application. Once a grant application is received, the president and advisory board review the information and respond in writing confirming that a grant will be awarded.

After written notification that a grant has been awarded to the organization, the grant funds are distributed through Sterling Foundation Management, Reston, VA and will arrive with documents within fifteen business days.

Assessing Success

The Foundation will schedule a visit or phone call, about six months from receiving the grant. This will be an opportunity to learn about how the program is progressing, or if it is complete, and how its success may be measured or quantified.

The J.H. Walker Legacy Foundation desires to be informed about your organization’s progress and accomplishments.